Thursday, February 22

My Wonderful Fantastic Fab Fun Holiday In Pictures Part 1

Driving, getting lost in the best way, finding this great fence along a road that no one had driven down in a while - that's when we knew we were lost.

House where we stayed - solar power, tank water- hated the mozzie larva in the water, even boiled they were really offputting, gas stove, no internet or phone access - yippee

Just a small taste of the BAD art that covered this place - as the sock victim pointed out that without bad art good art wouldn't exist........I say burn it all, the bad art that is.

The chook stuffed and pinned

the chook about ready to be consumed- it was soooooooo yummy, my sock victim is the best cook

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nat said...

so will the sock victim morph into a scarf victim someday? perhaps while traveling south? :)