Thursday, February 22

Holiday Part 2

Organic donuts a day later - heating them up for breakfast - the jam inside is so delicious, I tried to take a photo but they didn't last long enough.
I am going to miss our weekly expeditions to get them - I just suppose I will just have to come back up to get more.......yes that is a threat

WTF is goanna pulling and why is this town so into it?
What did the goanna do to them?
Some things I don't want to know the answer to

My view from the dining table into the back yard, the hills hoist, the water tank, the tea towel blowing in the breeze, the fibro shed and the grass. Some how this to me is the backyard of my childhood, and nothing like it at all. Perhaps this is my ideal memory and desire of a backyard- apart from needing chooks.


Worm trails - great to walk down the beach and follow the bird trails where they had stopped for some fast food - but this was just a trail.....

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