Friday, February 23

Welcome home

I know, I know
It is past midnight and tears have been shed for the life of Byron I have been leading.

I did not want to come home at all!!! Such was my washing up skill developing along with my well fed belly it was well and truly time to face the gym, the scales and those fun fun kids at old Auntie.

But what excitement awaited me on my doorstep- well actually the postbox, the top of fridge and a message on my answering machine from the delightful Faye, from the standards committee at the Guild, letting me know that my garment was in the post. The said garment is a jumper and the second and last part of the level one certificate.

I have been undertaking my level one certificate through the N.S.W. Knitter's Guild over the past two years. Yay, I hope not counting my stitches before they are cast on, off and the correct gauge.

holy crap just realised that means - if I have I will get it at the AGM - when is it? Soon I think cool bananas!!!!!

I really must go to bed as I have youth to corrupt in the morning, and torture to write.

Post script to this post - I did get my level one certificate which I will get at the AGM which is next weekend- Mardi Gras Saturday

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