Friday, February 9

Scary knitting

This, is on today's page of my Stitch and Bitch calendar. Which was given to my by the gorgeous Executive Producer of my job in Sydney. She got it spot on. Except for this page.

I am a cotton tail girl - actually bonds hipsters to be exact. There is a photo of my white bonds undies in the Rylstone golf club from a couple of years ago - yes with me wearing them. It is a very long story involving a car trip, a 70's NYE party and a quick change in a kid's playground, bundy's and coke, oh and the Moulin rouge soundtrack playing very loud all the way.

I digress

This is much more tasteful.

But still not sure if I would wear them, without a brazilian (tall dark and hansome) and a very large lychee martini


Kate said...

I saw that on my S'n'B calendar and went 'ouch'! White Lies has 'sexy' knit wear - this is just kinky and probably damn uncomfortable.

amy said...

oh, come on, you KNOW you want to knit that bad boy in some really itchy wool. eek!