Thursday, February 15


I wasn't going to admit to this.

I went to a wool shop yesterday.

I bought wool- not just sock wool - lots of wool, sock wool x 4 balls, cotton for a cardi thing perhaps, 2ply lace weight for a lace thing in the future and more 3.25mm needles. I keep buying these for all the future socks that I am planning.

I am off the wagon- I tried but 2 months of missed knitting support group made me do it. Plus a new pair of feet to knit for.

I meet this very cool lady in the shop who just knits socks - from a pattern inherited from her great grandmother - which was used to knit socks for soldiers in the first world war. This Lady's friend said she knits without looking. I love knitting and the other obsessed knitters out there.


Grandma Flea said...

Miss Fee
I'm still so shaken from viewing your wish for Valentine's Day that I first read that you were embarrassed to admit that you'd been to a sex shop! What a relief to discover that it was a thrill of the woolly kind that you were confessing to ... the other does sound interesting though ...

Kate said...

So - it was comfort shopping you were doing, to make up for the lack of knitting support groups. I've heard you're allowed one 'Get Out of Jail Free" card. Sounds like you've just spent yours. (I'll admit it's bloody hard to stay on the wagon though)

missfee said...

grandma flea
I will only confess to visiting a sex shop to buy props and dressing for work - not personal use- the wool shop is my sex shop.........