Friday, February 16

Turning a corner

I turned a heel last night and another this morning.

I am using the no pattern sock instructions from yarn harlot's rules

OK I swatched, I ribbed - 2" looks great, and round and round I knitted. I've even tried them on my intended victim and they fit!!!!

Then the double heel - these are to be a sort of house sock - in 8ply alpaca from a bad selection at spotlight. I was a bit distracted doing this bit as my washing up and drink pouring skills were called on at frequent intervals- and boy was it worth it.

Right back to the sock. Heel flap once check, twice check.

OK from two circulars I move one sock to DPNs. Pick up stitches and start decreasing and turning that corner.

Again distracted but this time by this.

I realised I was decreasing at the wrong end of the heel - opps.

Out came the cane toad - it is Queensland- ripit ripit ripit- back to the heel flap and start all over.

And now a perfectly turned heel - I'll post a photo a bit later.

I am so missing my knitting groups in Sydney - I rang them last night - and I'll be back there in two weeks too.

I don't want to go, for reasons I can't really blog about. But I want to go home...

Were are my red sparkly shoes Dorothy I want them back.

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