Saturday, February 3

we did it!!!!!!

Here are the gang in mid flight of song- Justine is just amazing a real triple treat - and how she connects with the kids is just amazing

As I posted before I've been working on a few things but this the fav one at the moment

The show went off with our first audience yesterday and i got the biggest thrill when the audience ooood when the umbrella opened and there was rain on the inside spilling out - you need to see the show

Cheeky chops saw the run on Thursday and asked what drugs was i on when I design the set - i wondered myself all that fresh air up north........


Kate said...

I like singing - I like knitting - I like doing the same show 9 times in a weekend! At least I'm getting lots of knitting done and the umbrella is a wonder to behold.

Lara said...

Welcome to blogland :)