Tuesday, March 6

i want i want

i want some of this to knit

i want those pesky termites to take up residence somewhere else

i want never to see that nasty builder again - who forgot to cut the vents into my bedroom, heance the mould. the very same builder who will have to come back and make a big dusty mess, again!!! Just like the one he left last year that took me 6 months to clean up!!!

I really want my carpet now, and a wardrobe so I can have a neat and tidy flat - or the idea of a neat and tidy flat, cause there would still be mess.

I want organic donuts and for them to be personally delivered, now!!!!

so see wanting is not such a bad thing....cause I am getting the donuts...........

1 comment:

Rob said...

If you want organic donuts take a trip to Seattle,WA USA.
Mighty-O donuts are the best, they have a website www.mightyo.com