Wednesday, March 7

This is to prove that I do knit and as this blog is meant to be about knitting so here is some knitting. This is my level one certificate from the N.S.W. knitters guild and please note that although the certificate says pass this is an error and I got a credit.

There was a printing error.

The new improved and correct certificate is on its way - I hope, soon, I am told. The safety pins are where I made my mistakes in the jumper - much to my relief not in the neck. I stressed over that neck for quite a few months.

These are my koigu socks with the heel turned and on my way up my hairy leg. And after a day in studio tomorrow I will be well on my way.

What to do next?


Jo Sharp cable cari?

Bed shrug?

Socks? Any suggestions?


M-H said...

No suggestions, but I think you're very brave to expose yourself to the Knitting Police. I've been knitting for about 40 years, but I'd never give them the chance to criticise, er, critique my knitting. I don't need no steenkin' certificate! :)

N said...

i love the koigu socks! won't you be loving them in winter! I say go the shrug - it's very cute.