Tuesday, April 17

bad day for fee

I have had the worst few days

I had to wear this bloody heart monitor thing for 24hours - and every twenty minutes it cut off circulation into my arm

I now officially have hypertension

But it might be because of some other medication - so I have to stop that for three months and do this all over again. Can't wait for those other symptoms to come back again - it's a hormonal thing - bad skin girly bits akimbo, yippee(not). I have nearly all the things that a girl could get wrong hormonally.

And I have to loose more weight. Hence the rabbit in the grass at the bottom of my blog. No more eating rabbits only grass for miss fee.

So here we go again on the weight loss thing - I need inspiration and encouragement.

But all I want to do is knit socks!!!!!

And I am trying to figure out what cardie to knit myself? Will put up pictures later for your consideration.


M-H said...

Ergh! Hope you get those health problems sorted.
I've made several cardis over the last couple of years. Sonnet from Knitty.com is a favourite - I've made two of them.

N said...

oh Fee - blast the female hormones and everything associated with them! well not everything just the crap bits really!

Sending you lots of motivation for the rabbit in the grass. It's easy - you'll be through it in no time!