Wednesday, April 18

Casting on

I am going to imagine my weight loss journy as a knitting project
Gather supplies and pattern- go back to WW- as I am still at goal should be free(I hope) - thought I might flirt with on line too.

Go to sweaty place more - and started this morning with 20 minutes on tread mill and 18 minutes on bike. So head is feeling better to.

Also going to do my running book version of 0-5km

My dear friend, and past collegue on "that" reality TV show has inspired me too.

Plan food. This is harder as I hate thinking about what I am going to eat. I will start this after Thursday WW meeting. Above mentioned friend has this cool layout which I must enquire about for planning week and food.

Nearly ready to cast on


Bex said...

Hey Miss Fee!
I dont think I can come tomorro cos i've got to go to Wollongong to get my $1 heater! hehe... but i'll be there next week :)...

BTW - check this out

N said...

It's all in the planning! Or am I just too obsessive about being organised??? probably.. but the planning is working.. even doing a shop for all essential ingredients before the weekly menu starts is worthwhile (and a complete $$ saver as I worked out without even meaning to..)

I won't mention the fact that I put the weekly chart on my fridge.. no that will be admitting to being a nerdy freak.