Sunday, April 22

Bring the knit on

Saturday another day of knitting

Another day in paradise

I had a car so I picked up my fellow knitter and headed north to the dark side to explore wool shops and hang with another group

First stop this one which had no prices on its yarn. But a bit 50% off sale bin - so I stashed up with some possum merino wool in blue - yum yum.

Next stop Ruby & Lana
for the new knitting group - we were quite large in number so regrouped at the local coffee shop. Here I bought more sale yarn the contrast wool for sock victim's latestsocks.

But wait there was more.....

We went Birko at Bikenhead point spotlight - I bought full price but oh so cheap - more sock wool and some great pink for a vest for me.

Then I retired to a dear old friend's house for Chinese, trashy fashion mags, chin wags and more knitting.....


M-H said...

I really get irritated with that place that doesn't have the prices on her product. I'm deeply suspicious of how she prices the yarn. And when we started asking she pretended that she'd forgotten to price that product... and that product... and that product.... She looked pretty silly, IMHO.

Bex said...

YAY - twas a great day had by all!!!!!!