Thursday, May 24

Knit in on again

It's on again

I saw the sign and bags for collection go out as I left work yesterday - book your seats for a fun morning

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Grandma Flea said...

Hi Miss Fee
I'm not sure if you mean meet me or see me again. You have already met me - I'm a woman of many parts - think autumn and Beecroft! I'm not always a grump! I'm not going to the camp - I know everyone has great fun, but the programs never inspire me - why don't we have some really, really interesting and creative tutors? I'm sure the Guild could subsidise the cost. As for the Knit In - I keep threatening to go, but it's so EARLY plus we settle on 1 August, so I suspect that week will be chaos here. But if we've managed to move out early and are homeless, I may well come and do a sleep in!
Thanks for tagging me - memes are fun.