Wednesday, May 23


parcel at the post office...

It could be one of two things I am very excited - will post photos tomorrow

And this is what was there at the post office
Thank you anon gifter - love it - hard to see from the photo
Stitch markers spelling missyfee
regia sock yarn - for sock victim - haven't use this so very excited
stitch holder, needles and end protectors - yay
great Patons sock book - with the daggiest knee warmers - showed my assistant and she
wants some
Fantastic sock project bag - and hand made for me - love it love it love it - great colours and so well made

and the best card!!
Thanks again - made my day


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's what I think it is! I sent it express post on Monday night and was starting to get nervous.


N said...

ooooohhhh I actually love the sound of the knee warmers myself!!! how versatile - they could be elbow warmers too!!!