Saturday, May 12

knit one find one

Guild time again - traipsed off this morning with two bags of yarn and books for the yarn swap. And the wicked enabler that I am I brought along a box of cookies and such from the local Greek pastry shop. OK I ate three. Yay no longer responsible for that group - one less thing to worry about.... I can now just come along and enjoy!!

The two bags of yarn turned into the picture above- yippee more sock yarn. All in all a great swap.

Next stop SSK. And I was welcomed by an old school and uni fellow traveller. Amazing, and fantastic. How small is the world. So excited to discover another fellow designer, and one who appreciates the work I am doing. As the audience is so young I don't get much feed back at all.

Also bumped into another fellow traveller, the other night at S'n'B, from another institution (I prefer cultural sausage factory but you had to be there....) - great to see her in person again and we all beg you to come to SSK soon.....

Silly me bought this when I already had it - it was hiding in itunes - track 2 is my fav. It is my last holiday all over.


Alison said...

I could write something damn pithy like "it's such a small world", but I like to think of it as the right people at the right time....

Go hot glue, poster paint and glitter!

Carson said...

Hey fellow traveller,
The bottom end of the real estate market and work are conspiring together to keep me away from SSK

Anonymous said...

What a lovely haul of yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing what you use it all for.