Monday, July 2

allergic duh

Opps I did it again

cast on and knitted 100m - one ball of my eki riva alpaca yesterday and just now

And I can't breath
I have been here before and did I learn my lesson.........

I have one packet of black - 10 balls 100m each
and one packet of red/burgandy - 9 balls unused one ball to be frogged

any takers? $30 each or on to ebay they go

Post script to any of my stash enhancing buddies please remind me of this Allergy before I do this again.

This sux allergic to alpaca - thank god it isn't wool, or silk, or cotton.

Why can't it be acryls!!!!! that I am allergic to - well I am but that is a yarn snob taste allergy not a I can't breathe or think or speak properly one.


Kristine said...

Oh no! You're allergic to alpaca? Or just certain ones?

Kate said...

Have you had any takers yet? If not I'll put my hand up - I've just finished knitting 3 balls into a scarf and it wears well. Poor thing having an Alpaca allergy - why couldn't it be food colouring of MSG like the rest of the population.