Sunday, August 12

Random meme

Alison has tagged me
so here goes

8 random things about me habits, quirks or facts

1. I didn't wear jeans, pants or trousers as a girl - nor own a pair of sneakers, I was a frock girl all the way

2. I love brussel sprouts, yellow squash and broccoli

4. I am going through a boiled cake making phase

5. I can't stop knitting socks - or knitting for that matter

6. I have never been as happy as I am at the moment....... thanks to socks and the sock victim

7. I need to read every night before I go to sleep

8. I am a hoarder and a chucker simultaneously.....

9. No tagging from me - but you do get a recipe

10. I can't spell or edit real well.....

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