Sunday, August 12

South bound

Off to Melbourne next weekend for a wedding, to visit friends - and deliver socks to some new little people

Thought of visiting at least one wool shop - any suggestions
Been to the Wool Baa and Sunspun


We will have a car and a bit of time on Monday......


M-H said...

Can't recommend Marta's. A friend visited there recently from NZ. It was freezing cold in the shop, and the service was beyond dreadful. There was very little stock. It seems that her family is trying to keep the business going, but are finding it very difficult. . Maybe he was there on a bad day, but we visited there about four years ago and weren't terribly impressed then - the service was awful (we felt like The Invisible Women), and although there was great stock it was very badly laid out - we couldn't find anything. But other people may have other stories.

N said...

ooohhh I'll be in Melb too! recovering from the end of BB with lotsa Vino. Staying in St Kilda at the Como - did I mention I'm soo happy BB is over!

Elaine said...

I really like Wool Baa.

Plus there are some very nice clothes shops and cafes just down the road - tho you have to be loaded to afford anything from the shops.