Thursday, November 22


I am pre menstrual and really cranky

why don't people hold up their end of the bargain

why isn't the parcel at the post office the one I wanted

why doesn't the printer do as it is told

why is the jam nearly finish - and the one I love

why is my shampoo nearly out

why do I feel like crying
and the fucking Internet is not working at home - only discovered after we disconnected the wireless at the neighbours we were using. And it might be two weeks til it is fixed - fuck fuck fuck YIPPEE it's working now and it is super duper fast

at least it is nearly three weeks since my last pre and menstrual moment not two like last time...
God being a woman is a shit sometime

and if those dickheads get back in power I am going to be so pissed - don't go to that link if you are at all sensitive......

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
some how I still don't feel better

need coffee chocolate sugar and drunken stupor and more knitting time


M-H said...

Have you tried Remifemin? Less calories than all the the other things you siggest... :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling that great :-( Have you tried a magnesium supplement? It helps cut the sugar craving and balances you out a bit. Take care Kelcie x

Kate said...

I get like this too - it's always when I have to be doing one hundred things at once. I think we must put out some sort of EMF that cancels out printers, computers, and wireless connections because they always fall over just when they're required. Keys get lost, really important documents get misplaced - it's a giant Universal conspiracy. It'll will all come right...

N said...

You know I'm holding my breath until Sunday morning!