Saturday, November 24


Maxine kicking out the dwarf - we hope 5000 postal votes will tell - looks really possible

Kev now you really better not fuck it up

As I listen to the dwarf concede defeat - the smug shit is out yippee

all hail a change for the better.....

I hope that Australians can start to think beyond petrol prices, their mortgages and remember the rest of the word.

Sign Kyoto

Say Sorry

Say yes to carbon credits

and do the right thing in Iraq.......

1 comment:

Carson said...

I hope he loses Bennelong.
What a shame Abbott kept his seat though. I was really looking forward to seeing both Howard + Abbot going down the gurgler. Just to see that bottom lip quiver.. ;)
Never mind, it's good enough that I don't have to hear his voice again.