Sunday, December 2


back on track

back knitting

still spinning and trying to work out if I can knit and spin at the same time - or if one distracts from the other.
And then I am lusting over a Sickinger Wheel!!!!
lots of drafting work just finished - a rather big job at a busy time.

about to shoot 7 episodes in a row - that's a lot for us and quite a bit of making and organising

Had the first weekend not unpacking or arranging - back to that next week all we need is a desk now.

Does anyone know where to offload furniture - and get something for it? Not an Auction house - had bad experiences at that one on Mitchell Road.

Went out quite a bit with family from the deep south - lots of fun

Dinner on Friday and breakfast today - and I am so looking forward to dinner tomorrow night

had my pay pal account hacked into :(

now I can't remeber any of my new passwords - all changed!!!!

but happy to be knitting again


Carson said...

Seriously, I offloaded quite a bit of furniture that wouldn't fit in our new tiny house. (Which covered the hefty removalists bill: neat!)Take lots of good photos and provide lots of dimensions.
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Gavan Hardy.

N said...

I second the ebay idea - always works well for me.