Sunday, December 16

Dear fellow driver

Dear Fellow Sydney Driver,
I know it is really hard to park here in the inner city.

An especially this close to Oxford St.

It is such a bummer when you stop for a moment in a no standing zone at 1.40 on a Friday afternoon and get stung for a $185 parking ticket.

It is not great that you decide that since your car is red you can put the ticket on the windscreen of the closest red car you see.

You know this has happened to me before and I do read the fine print carefully as I nearly paid someone else's parking ticket last year.

I have a parking permit and don't make it a habit to park in no standing zones.

The said ticket now screwed up under my seat - note to self must clean out car soon, will make its way back to you via the ever vigilant Sydney City council along with a late fee. I hope you don't end up in court over this one......


Bex said...

LOL! Way to go MissFee!
(I have been known, in my misbeggoten youth, to take a ticket off another car and put it on my own so the grey-ghost would think I already had one...)

Lavin Pratap said...

hey i am not telling abt that if u want il say or else ..leave it..