Friday, January 18

we are but a crack or that a g-string

I looked at the photo and thought where's that

OMG it's where I live

we are "a butt-crack between two cheeks" caught between two police precincts and definitely lost our polish


kms said...

i know it shouldnt but good lord that description made me laugh. i used to live there too and im not sure what glory days theyre referring to?! taylor sq always looked like that after a good sat night :) maybe they should bring back remo and see what happens.

Bex said...

haha i saw that photo and laughed - i swear its after the Parade!
Oxford St has gone down so much in the last few years - we only go for Hellfire and then get straight into a taxi and leave... who wants to run the gamut of obnoxious drunk 19 y.o guys? Blargh. Some gentrification please!!