Saturday, January 19

What I'd be dying to do.....

I took a day off this week - and took myself along to the Spinners and Weavers' Guild Summer workshop - only one day - to learn to dye wool.
Here is the table where the alchemy started

Here's Helen, whom I also know from Tapestry Craft's S'nB- a fellow spinner

Some roving I was sent by the gorgeous Denyse - in our own mini swap, although the parcel that I received was not at all mini

Various bits a pieces that I had dyed and was cooling before a rinse

All our efforts drying in the sun

I have skipped the step where by I spent an evening - watching Veronica Mars series one - and spun up some of the dyed dried roving. So here are the fruits of my labour

An finally two days later the pure white bits of fluff have been tamed, coloured and turned into one long piece of string - next phase a beanie for my newest nephew who is two in a few weeks.

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Melinda said...

The finished yarn looks great - and it looks like it was a great day!