Tuesday, May 6


I went to my dear friend's funeral today it was so sad.

What was even sadder that both his, now ex, significant others were there too, but there was no mention at all of their involvement in his life.

According to the eulogies he was born, went to school, got a job, moved to Sydney. He then was the stepfather to some wonderful people. He then worked in an industry he loved and left us. I knew him as part of two very long and significant relationships, with two very different amazing men - at separate times I must add) He always had messy breakups but eventually came round to love again. How could his family cut off/ leave out most of who he was?

This makes as much sense as the why he decided to leave us. I am sad that he could see no other way.

I did want to share with you some of his 'rules'

"Despite nutritionalists' advice, butter and lard are good for you" - and he did feed me well - especially as a poor student

light breakfast - orange juice, bacon, eggs and toast
full breakfast - orange juice, sausages, bacon, eggs and toast

Loss of Drivers License should not impede the necessity of driving.

and one I remember - it is not a toll to get over the bridge - but the "North Shore escape fund"


M-H said...

What can you do? What can you say? Why are people so horrible and stupid and blind?

SallyO said...

Hear, hear to M-H. And maybe thoughtless?