Monday, May 5

Mermaid cake

How to delight a 4 year old

1. ask her what her theme is

2. remember she loves barbies

3. gather bits - sugar, cake mix, sugar, colouring, sugar, butter, sugar, decorations, sugar, candles, sugar and piping kit. Did I remember the icing sugar?

4. bake some chocolate cakes - checking again with birthday girl

5. sketch design and pile up cakes - glue together with sugar"filling"

6. attempt the poured icing - then rethink overnight - wake up with a sugar hangover - yes!!!- get out the piping bag and make the first of about 7 batches of butter icing - 50grams butter to 100grams of pure icing sugar and some vanilla essence for taste

7. channel that inner girl of yours.......all that time on Play School doesn't go to waste either

8. get a lift to party central - the best contaceptive ever - making sure that the cake arrives in one piece

9. delight the birthday girl - she didn't take her eye's off it all the way there

10. admire the left overs....and the hyper party goers - well there was a bit of sugar in there

1 comment:

Marg B said...

Wow! That's so impressive. My inner 9 year old is very jealous.