Sunday, July 27

run, running, ran

I did it - another run

This time it was the Run the Bay run - and I have the lurid red t-shirt to prove it.
OMG the results are already up I did it in 49 minutes and 08 seconds!!!!! 470th out of 624 people in the 7km run.
After 2 colds in 2 weeks my running training had really fallen behind. Along with joining the gym at UTS getting a training program which literally killed me - 40 push ups and I couldn't move my arms for 4 days and then they blew up for another few days - I am told this is a desired effect for body builders - the pump - well they can have it I didn't want it. So the gym has been scaled back a bit and I am braving the machines and sweat again tomorrow.
I ran the 7.2 kms in ok time today - not as good as I normally do but I hadn't run for at least 10 days.

So now I am planning to takle the Bridge Run -9kms in September, any takers?


Kris said...

Count me in for the 9K. And hey, I think I read that if you sign up by the 31st, you get a free singlet. I'll be registering this week! :)

Miss N said...

That's awesome Fee! I have Bridge to Brisbane next... and after a week of wrap parties I need to get my training going again.