Sunday, August 17

feelings of odd

Well firstly I love being a wife nothing odd there

But the move has been delayed one week - removalist booking pending. I feel like I am meant to be doing something - I have pack 3/4 of the house so far and we are awash with boxes. I cast on another sock today - like I need another knitting project!! I have 4 on the go already and my excuse was I have packed them all or bit like the pattern so....I cast on another sock.
We went round for breakfast today to our new house and the guys thought we were moving in a week later - and there is a bit of painting and cleaning to do still. As they are leaving Wednesday night and we were planning to move in on Thursday this didn't leave much time for the bits left to do. So we thought delaying the move a week would also give us a breather - and as my work is a bit busier in the next 10 days this is great. We are shooting a Concert DVD and I only just got the script today - so a bit of work to do.

After breakfast in Marrickville we headed over to my favorite shop to look at couches and then the the world of I wish couches.......

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