Tuesday, August 26

packing and tinking

packing 2rd time around
nearly there

still have a concert to get through tomorrow though - three mornings of early starts I am out of practice.

but did take photos of jay in his very cool scarf today - he has been filming in NZ and a friend of his made it - I will find the link and post tomorrow

and a few dinasours

I have been knitting some more jaywalkers - see side bar sister in law sock - yes anon get excited. But after muddling up number of stitches I knitted 7 inches and then realised I'd left out the knit row DUH.
Forgot to take photos though
One day of knitting wasted and I unpicked to the rib - tinked and then started over again.

Blah can't wait to be moved settled in and sorted out.

so so so over boxes.

but I did go to the gym yesterday and I have a weights program - scrape yourselves off the floor I am going to the gym and I have a weights program.........I still can't believe it

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Kris said...

Ahh, that reminds me I need to knit Jay an R2D2 beanie... :)