Friday, August 8

No going back

Last night I had the most amazing meal.

My future parents-in-law took the sock victim and I out for dinner at Claude's. When I first moved to Sydney way back I lived up in Paddington and I was intrigued by the delicate curtains and buzzer at the door.
There is no going back now - the food was just fantasitic and I had TRUFFLES!!!!!!!

S.V. and I have become intruiged by this black smelly tubular and the waiter brings out this huge lump of earth smelling black to the table and offers portions of 2grams with all or some of the dishes.
We had a little rolled cheese biscuit with a cheese with truffle as a taster. Then as the gentlemen at the table were having the tasting menu the ladies were given an amuse buche of salmon soup with a chive biscuit on top. As I type it sounds all a bit ordinary but it was just delightful.
I had my first souffle -Soufflé a la Suissesse double cooked cheese. Semi-Cured Breast of Duck OMG words cannot describe the duck, S.V. Black Truffle Champagne Ice as there was alot of orange in it, then I shared another Pear souffle and a White Cherry Clafoutis with the S.V.

I am so spoilt and it was just amazing. I am now in love with truffles and fine dining - there is no going back now. Everything will be compared to that amazing meal.

Thank you so much Sock Victim's parental units!!!!!!


Miss N said...

oh god - I'm so obsessed with duck.. good duck.. I'll be thinking of your meal all day with great envy! meanwhile ... back in coomera..

Genevieve said...

LOVE truffles. Lucky girl!