Sunday, August 10

Wedding Day

After a light diner and a drink with some Melbourne visitors at the Victoria Room we both hit the sack quite early.
I got up at 6.30am cleaned the kitchen and went for a run. My running buddy Jan-maree was too kind on my nerves as I had to walk more than normal. Butterflies and all I say. After the best gift of a vase with chocolate kisses and a small moet champagne bottle, a glass and a small chocolate frog just for the groom - all to calm the Bride's nerves.
S.V. got breakfast rolls and coffee from Forbes and Burton - yum yum yum. We packed bags and ticked off the list, rings, clothes, poems, vows, jumper check check check.

We had a small glitch with MP3's, players and technology which set us back a little bit. We met at the 'location' with the divine miss Juliette who did my hair and makeup.

More coffee and helpers arrived to help set up - my two sisters and a dear old friend Val helped set up. Flowers had arrived, decorations, beer and ice bought, tables moved table cloths shuffled.
Another old dear friend came to set up to take our photos. We got dressed, had a glass of champagne and went for a walk to get some photos. We were so blessed with the weather!!!
On the way back we started to meet guests as they arrived. The champagne started to flow - and the day was off.

Everyone arrived - I gathered with the little dudes in the back room - Flowers passed around and hands held. We all walked through to the front room stood on the balcony and got married. John the celebrant was amazing, he said the most poignant and delightful speech about love and sharing life together. We recited a Shakespeare poem, said our vows, and exchanged rings. S.V. stomped on a glass and I gave him his jumper.

These are try on shots from a few days ago

We were toasted as Husband and Wife - too cool.
Then the party started. There was so much yummy food and great drink to be had.
About the time some of the guests started to say good bye we cut the cake and had some great sherry, I cut the cake and said some thanks.
More drinks, some more photos and then we retired to our hotel room.

After quite a few bottles and a few snacks we had the room to ourselves.

the morning after

I woke up with a wicked hang over - and had to sleep for a few hours. S.V. went for the full breakfast downstairs - I settled on tea and quiet. We watched the start of the City to Surf from the dizzy height of our room - next year it will be me in that crowd down there.

psst more photos over here


LynS said...

Congratulations Fee. You, and the dress, look wonderful. Sounds like a great party - with a wedding on the side. I look forward to seeing more pics.

Kris said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It was a beautiful ceremony, and you guys looked so happy. We were so proud to be asked to share it with you.

M-H said...

Congratulations Fee and SV Matt. And all the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Woo! And the dress looks just divine. Much happiness to you both

amy said...

congrats to you both! you look so beautiful.

Michelle said...

Congratulations! What an amazing dress, too! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

crumpet said...


Genevieve said...

congratulations! and the dress is lovely!

Lara said...

Congratulations! May you have many happy years together :)

Bex said...

Congrats Miss Fee!!!

Wish I could have been there - you look lovely!