Thursday, October 9

Aunty Fee

Woo hoo I am an Aunt again - Sock Victim's sister had a baby girl on Tuesday afternoon - 3.1kilos. No name as yet - any ideas it can't have been used in the last 100 years - I've tried Australia, Eugene, Hephzibah, Lily....just to name a few.
Anyway we sent the happy Mum a custom box of these if you need chocolate ever - try them, there will be no turning back - and they deliver around Australia (no i am no paid to say this they are the best chocolates ever).

post script there is a name hello to Aurora Alexandria - actually Aurelia my other neice was going to be Aurora which means ray of light.

and even more of an update she will be known as Rory - too cool for school say I the doting aunty

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