Friday, October 10


that is on my time sheet today - sick leave without medical certificate.
I left work mid afternoon with a sore throat yesterday and felt not so great this morning - so I am having a day off.
So far I had breakfast at Kelby's, joined the library, borrowed 9 books, had coffee with some old architect buddies around the corner, bumped into a film friend in the local park and watch kiddies play for a bit, bought some lime for the compost, potting mix for the plants, and procured some poly boxes for my soon to be veggie patch, changed the front screen lock - still a work in progress to fit the strike plate so it works right.

Now to plant some veggies........

and it is just lunch. What if I really was that should read what if i was really sick, whoops a typo, yes that is what I am saying what if I was really sick.......lets leave it at that

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