Monday, October 27


what is wrong with me?

I feel blah and have done for a few weeks now.

Work is blah, getting up is blah and the motivation to do anything but knit at the moment is hard. I am going through the motions but not having much fun.
S.V. is working hard on a website at the moment - it's not that. My garden is coming on great - it's not that. I had fun sewing on the weekend it's not that. I met up with some great knitters yesterday too - it's definitely not that.

Perhaps the 4 years of no real time off has really caught up with me and my 5 weeks over Christmas can't get here fast enough.

Or perhaps the big life decision that was made a few weeks back is making me sadder than I thought.

Who knows I am even not that excited about food at the moment.

I am trying to increase my exercise again after being sick - it could just still be that damn virus I had.

I feel a bit better with a whinge here - back to the normal station soon.....

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Emily said...

Might be athe no hols, that's a def possibility, but post-viral low mood is VERY common too!