Tuesday, October 21

crumpled on the couch

Just eaten the very delicious meatballs and pasta with green beans on the side, that I cooked for dinner.
I am just going to make S.V. a tea to have with an Anzac biscuit from a batch that I also just made.
I am exhausted I rode to and from work today and it was a bit harder that I thought.
I got there and back fine it just hit me about 30 minutes ago - the thwack on a decent bit of exercise. That and the relief that I don't have to scrounge for work over summer - I have enough leave accrued to have all of my down time as a paid holiday - a complete first for this little bunny.

Actually the first summer in about 8 years and since the morgage I have been super concious of working all the time - not for fun mind you just to keep the finiancial wheels turning.

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