Saturday, October 11

slwmc part 2

The day just kept getting better - I picked up sock victim from work - after catching up on some TV and knitting on the couch.
We drove thought the city and down to Hickson Road the the Sebel on the water for a dear old friend's 40th. All the guys there I had hung out with in my 20's and 30's as we partied, paired off, had kids, got married and bought property - all in no particular order mind you. We can still all party though. It was great fun and wonderful to catch up on where everyone is at.
Then as there was a shortage of food and an over supply of drink S.V. and I headed over to our favourite pizza place - and although we love it there we really need to source eating spots on this side of the city now. Last weekend we ate at the Warren View - pretty good but we are sure there is better around here. The difficulty is that S.V. is allergic to seafood so that pretty much cuts out all of Newtown - Thai and Marrickville - Vietnamese. We drove past the Green Gourmet last night and were very excited that we can have yum cha - my personal favourite of all time. A purchase of cheap eats is on the cards very soon.

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M-H said...

Norton St! Although less Italian and more Asian these days, there is still lots of seafood-free Italian - unless he is also allergic to cheese! :)