Sunday, October 12

sunday moments

I woke up yesterday with a shocking headache and a very tight back - so went off to the osteo - missed knitting :(. I also had this weird rash and the osteo was a bit concerned that it could be something serious so I was confined to the couch and my knitting at home solo yesterday, and taking my temperature few hours. Today - less of a headache no rash and I feel heaps better. I had stopped taking some medication that wasn't agreeing with me this week so this could of caused it but I am not sure.

Anyway went off to the markets again - had a great trim of the mop. Shopped and now I'm off to procure a worm farm. Our compost has been overtaken by rats or a rat -we limed it yesterday but both SV and myself prefer worms and have some experience in that area. I never quite got the compost - as discussed it works better if you have a combination of scraps and garden waste - we just tend to have the scraps.

Then I am going to finish planting my veggies!!!!!

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M-H said...

There is a bug going around with a stiff neck and headache as part of it. Looks like it may have found you!