Monday, October 13

time waster

thanks to Mary-Helen I found out over the weekend that I have a virus that is going around - blah - this was also confirmed by a co-worker who's wife has had it for 2 WEEKS!!!!!!

So I went to work this morning and had a coffee then turned around to go home again
Secretly I am pleased as I can guilt free go to knit at Lyn's this afternoon now.

But I have been sitting at the computer lusting over fabrics and oo arr ing at other blogs and the amazing work of creativitly out there - and stumbled on this via this blog with the amazing fabrics.
Here I am in my manga glory

I love the stripy shirt - normally I wouldn't wear one that high necked but the choice of neckline was limited - and my clevage is not like their ideas of a cleavage!!!!

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LynS said...

I'm pleased you chose as you did. I enjoyed this afternoon.