Tuesday, November 11

Can a Tuesday be a hump day?

Wish it was.

Today has been poop indeed - there is a fierce debate over the guild on Ravelry at the moment - on and off the pitch. I am wondering really how relevant it is for me - although I really don't want to give it up but I am not that impressed with how it is all going at the moment.

Work poopiness is not the job but all the other bits - like fighting for my assistant's job - I also nearly went part time won that one though, silly people who don't understand the concept of a brief and expect me to do all of their work - I am learning how to deal instead of just doing it. And then the daily reminder that I just need a break, really really need a break. My summer break can't start soon enough.

Last night I started checking out possible big train trips across continents for the S.V. and me next year. And we both got really really excited.

I also for the mmm you guys can count this one - joined Weight Watchers again - I am only 3 kilos over my goal weight but I am not winning the food battle at the moment and I need a bit of help. I am getting exercise but eating too much basically. That and the buggered hormones really don't help. I am not sure if I have shared all my girly bit problems but the endo and the PCOC really do get to a girl. I know I can shift those few kilos but a bit of moral support won't go astray. I did just bake more Anzac cookies for the S.V. my tribute to remembrance day.

What else can I whinge about
well I am LOVING twisted flower - sorry Kris - nearly finished the second leg and about to tackle the heel tonight I hope.
The garden is going gang busters - I replanted some bits yesterday the tomatoes did really well but the silver beet and spinach looks the worse for wear though.

and for your viewing pleasure here is a kooky bit of lace for your perusal thanks to S.V. and ahem that group of dudes who collect images whom ever you are.......

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