Monday, November 10

the weekend that was

pretty amazing

It really started on Friday when I went to my first every conference - on Children and Creativity at the Nab Tien Buddhist Temple in Wollongong - really awesome speakers and I got some great reference books.

Then great dinner cooked by the sock victim - steak and champagne - yum

Saturday I went on a run with the girls - we have been a bit slack of late - colds, bung knees and various other aliments holding us back - but starting to get back on track now for summers.

Then a dash home, shower, change and run for the bus to go to my Knitter's Guild meeting. And you guessed it knitting. I finished one twisted flower sock - and cast on another - slow slow slow.

There is a fierce debate going on at the moment regarding the relevance of the Guild and such on Ravelry - very interesting - should I nominate myself for the committee?

Home - without bike I was going to pick it up from work and ride home but it was raining - so bus home and more knitting time for me.

Then fast forward to train to Circular Quay - drink at the Opera Bar and then we meet up with the Parental Units (parents-in-law to me), after gawking at an amazing wedding in the lobby of the hotel - the bride had this huge puff ball dress on with a shredded skirt!!!!, for a cab ride up to Claude's for dinner, again!!!


Tasting menu as follows-

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