Monday, November 3

We're in the paper!

in the Guide of today's SMH but not on the website

Very funny and the writer really caught the mood of our work - She also describes my office as
"the magical, prop-stuffed workroom" and a "craft lover's dream" abiet "cramped and windowless".

way too funny

Post Script
I should explain a bit further - in the Guide of the Sydney Morning Herald today there is a feature on Play School and there is a fantasitc explination on how the show is put together. I couldn't find it on the web site this morning and heard that the Age in Melbourne also ran it in their guide.


Kebeni said...

but what are we looking for?

Kate said...

I saw it! I liked the article - especially as it clarified how hard it is to perform for kids in a non-condescending or saccharine way. Play school does it so well - always has.