Sunday, December 28

confessions of a TV addict

We watched 12 hours of TV in 24.

The cliff hangers in True Blood were worse than Dr Who from my childhood.

So we stayed up til 3am on Xmas day finishing off the series. It is complete blur now. As I watch the cast of very familiar faces - from other HBO series, one in particular was very familiar - and I realised he had been on the second series of first TV show I had ever worked on, I worked on this one too - how is that - I didn't recognise him at first due to him being a bit older, buffer and engaging in really not for afternoon kid's drama activities - you need NEED MUST watch this show......True Blood that is not Spellbinder.

OMG and just checking out Ryan's IMDB page I also worked with him on this too - not my finest hour but you do learn a lot working on series TV.

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Kebeni said...

he is quite buff! Rose byrne was in the latter and I quite like her. I am currently becoming glued to the sofa watching the entire series of six feet under. Couch potatoes rock!!!