Thursday, December 25

Xmas this year

Sock victim and I decided on a quiet one this year.

We woke late - after a marathon of True Blood last night - which is continuing today

Bake eggs in prosciutto with tea and toast then present openings. S.V. has already opened his present - a Weber Q 220 - extra high lid for roasting. I also bought the roast trivet so we could roast the rack of pork today. Also there were 2 pairs of socks under the tree for him this year - photos to follow soon.
He bought the the most beautiful rings and some other things too. I made whiskey cake and mince pies - all from scratch. We had a light lunch with bubbles. The the rack of pork for an early dinner. I can feel the hang over starting already.

The kittens are bouncing around at the moment and I hope that they will settle soon.

Off for more vampire action and knitting on the couch.

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Melinda said...

Your kittens are so cute!! We also have a kitten - she was left in a box at my work and I took her home. She is all black and is now around 6 months old. She is our pride and joy!!!

Hope yours settle down soon.