Tuesday, December 30

Stash Audit

Getting over my fear of wool and the huge pile of it around my desk I did a stash audit today.
It went into the destash and keep piles. Then the keep with a project in mind close at hand and keep away in the shed.
I went through all the keep stash- photographed it and entered it into a spreadsheet. Then if I want to knit something I can just at a glance workout if I have the yarn needed.

The kittens Tom and Po helped heaps - today they went outside and played. I was over the stress of keeping them inside - so outside during the day and inside at night. They both kept coming back for cuddles and reassurances all day - too funny. Mind you I went out a few time to say hi too.

Then they both crashed out with all of the effort.

Some finished items - these were Xmas present for the sock victim.

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Anonymous said...

You totally inspired me to finally put all my stash on ravelry, with photos - thanks!

Nothing like starting the new year with a nice neat stash...