Wednesday, December 31

2008 Audit

What did I do this year?

mmm 'twas a pretty big one.

po crashed out like I will be in a bit
  • painted some toilet rolls
  • Got engaged
  • knitted some sock - 14 in total
  • got a git older
  • bought wool
  • ate truffle and then bought a truffle and ate more
  • learnt to run - and ran in 3 fun runs - 9km was the furthest
  • Knitted a wedding dress - amongst the overall 29 knitted items for the year - including the socks
  • Got married and gave the sock victim his first jumper ( and got some goddamn fine jewelry in the bargain)
  • moved house
  • meet Big Ted's maker
  • bought a way too big TV and couch to knit watch TV on
  • adopted two very cute kittens
  • cooked lots of great food
  • drank way too much good wine
  • designed and shot my first book - for that kids show I dabble in
  • kept up the blog

a bit actually

tom says hi and WHAT U LOKN AT PUNK

but the best bit is that two years ago tonight I met the sock victim and my life changed so much for the better in so many ways. I now have someone to always knit socks for - awwwwww.

a small treat from us to you - yum yum made from scratch mince pies and whiskey fruit cake - thanks Margret Fulton, and don't forget the Madeira and tea to accompany the feast with.....

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LynS said...

What a wonderful and momentous year for you, with so much achieved. I hope 2009 brings you good health (always top of my list), continued achievement, wonderful diversions, lots of knitting, and the kindness of both loved ones and strangers.