Friday, January 2

the dim of twilight

Ok I am going to out myself, not as the one who laughed, but one of the participants in the meeting of the top secret twi- hards club.
It was totally bad, really bad, really really bad.
I had just subjected myself to 12 hours of vampires in 1 day. True Blood basically bits the butt of Twilight. There is very good (actually bloody brilliant) acting in True Blood, not just talking of lines and hitting of marks. There is a great story in True Blood and great scripts and cliff hangers. Not some lame 'oh you smell good so I am going to either 1. fall in love/lust/ hunger with you or 2. chase you down for dinner for no other good reason at all, except that I also want to piss off another sparkly dude with way too much hair product.
I could go on but I am boring myself more than anything.
So do yourself a favor - don't see Twilight and get your hands on True Blood!!!!!
It's the real deal, go suck on that!!!!!!!

p.s. sorry Kris


LynS said...

Am I allowed to avoid both of them? I'm too old to have to deal with vampires.

Miss N said...

ditto - not going anywhere near Twilight.. I had my obsessive years of Ann Rice (the early years) - fell in deep deep love with True Blood by accident and won't sully that memory with the likes of Twilight... though I hear the books are excellent....

Happy New Years to you and the Sock Victim!!

Genevieve said...

the movie of Twilight made me laugh. It was so... angsty...