Friday, January 16

Made it

Phew. Paperwork signed - by about 6 people and petty cash collected - as the cashier is away for 3 weeks now.

I forgot about our great trip last weekend. We drove north over 2 days and then back again after 2 nights. We stopped the first night in Kempsy in a great old school motel - the Moon River Motel I think. After a questionable dinner from room service - it was late and we were stuffed at that point, we crashed. Aided by bourbon which I believe is quite fashionable at the moment. I love the old school bottle and the puffery on the blurbs - all made up stuff about making it for years etc etc.

We hit the road on Saturday not too early, had breakfast here at Urunga which was found by the buyer dressers on that film I was on a few years back that wasn't made. No I'm not at all bitter and I still love Russell so so much. I digress.
Breakfast and then I napped, napped and napped. We stopped at a fab deco pub at Yamba for a sort of lunch before finishing the trip to the Gold Coast.

Now for the photos. 25 and 26 floors up with the most stunning view - what can I say.

I ran each morning - well I really needed to after all of the fab food we ate. First night was at Champagne in Broadbeach - really really good. Then the second night we had a fab BBQ cooked by my Father-in-law, it had all of the food groups - pork chops, lamb chops, sausages and some broccolli. Opps we forgot chicken.
We hit the road and headed back via Scotts Head - had a great chicken parma at the local cafe. Then an amazing late late brunch the next day at Bulladelah.

The kittens were very well looked after by Becca - and they grew about 5cms in the few days we were away.
I did miss them terribly.

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