Friday, January 16

not happy jan

I have to go to work today for a meeting and sort out some paperwork.

It is the last day of my holiday and I have to work :(

I also can't believe how quickly it went and I didn't quite get everything done that I wanted.

At least the certificate is nearly done, two bands to knit, ends to sew in and blocking to be done, I have cuddled the cats lots (Tom feel asleep on my side when I was asleep on the couch yesterday until the phone rang and I got some nasty scratches) and I have still been running.

I need a coffee before I can face anything now.

Thanks to all the commentors and lurkers out there. One more day to go.....

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LynS said...

Congratulations on the certificate progress. I'd like to hear more about it some time. Good to have you back