Sunday, January 25

melting and melting

did you survive the heat yesterday in Sydney?
41C was a bit too hot for me.

We got up really really early for a swim - I manage 16 laps this time. Breakfast at the pool again, Hudson for BBQ supplies, Frattelli for everything else and then back in time to pick a parcel (we are definitely cat owners now) up from the post office before 11am. Wow heaps apart from the fact I then collapsed for the rest of the day. I started some new medication last week - for a problem some other medication was causing. It is really knocking me about, headaches etc, but it solved the problem straight away.

Changed our minds again - today is an at home maybe go to the movies day - as we are both still recovering from yesterday.

That cool change last night was bliss - I slept really well.

Hope your day is better.

BTW from boing boing this is for Kris - the ultimate Star Wars fan - a small thumb drive

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