Sunday, January 25

personal sock club 2009

Idea from Rosered and time frame from Kgirlknits, and inspired by LynS, I am joining in the personal sock club for 2009.

I thought the every 6 weeks would be a great time frame and I am going to put a reminder in my google calendar - I have already started a pair for 2009 so the first one starts in two weeks, I hope.

My knitting mojo flew out the window last week but I think it is on its way back. I found going to knitting on Thursday helped I just sat and knitted. Then I picked up a very old project (ravelry link) on Friday night and I am making some progress on the sleeves at last.

So Sock club 2009 - some have intended patterns and I will put them in with the wool - other well I will decided when I pick them out. I have also included sock victim yarn in there too -well it just wouldn't be fair otherwise.

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LynS said...

Glad to have you along for the personal sock club jaunt - you can help keep me on schedule! Love and envy the range of yarns - beautiful.